Buying a kitchen requires a lot of carefully pondered logical decisions, but Aster takes things a step further. Kitchens are at the heart of every home, the one piece you can never be without, but Aster kitchens have been transformed, making them not so much irreplaceable as irresistible. Every single one of our collections is all about arousing strong emotions and telling a story.

This is what it is all about and this is why Aster believes in throwing itself wholeheartedly into offering the most flexible combinations you can ever dream of, and that work for you. And that is also why Aster Cucine is the only choice worth making.

atelier (2) atelier (3) noblesse-oblige (1) factory (1) factory (6) factory (7) factory (8) factory (9) avenue (2) avenue (4) timeline (5) avenue (2) avenue (4) timeline (5) opera (1) opera (2) opera-hall (3) palladio (1) palladio (2) sintona (2)


Modern is all about what happening now, today.


As a design mood Transitional is for people who love to travel through time, interpreting, changing, always moving forward.


Traditional is the mood with a classical feel.


'Work in process' is how we like to define our Factory mood.

Luxury Glam

Is Luxury Glam an intimate creative mood? That’s for you to decide: the colours are inspired by people who love luxury, but we wanted you to have more fun so we’ve added a touch of "glamour" too.
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  • Aster Cucine - Quality customisable kitchens made in Italy.

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