When design finds a way to capture passions, what you get are interiors that tell stories, stories to connect, stories to make things personal. This is what great kitchens do: they inspire us. Kitchens are not just places for picking out ingredients and cooking up great dishes – they are alive, throbbing with moments and experiences.

Aster Cucine’s philosophy is all about “making it personal” to ensure that every client has an opportunity to achieve a unique, dream kitchen. Customisation is taken to a new level, mixing things up by adding a touch of the unexpected and a hint of magic. This is made possible through innovative, authentic materials, superior Italian design and craftsmanship, avant-garde technical quality and mechanisms. The collections are presented under 5 completely different moods – traditional, modern, transitional, factory and luxury glam – which have all been designed as modular pieces to be put together to exactly fit personal tastes and to come up with something that has never been seen before.