Madliena Villa Facade & Outdoor Space

Brands International has completed the façade of this beautiful Madliena property, through the supply and installation of a solar screen by means of outdoor vertical slats, as well as decking around the pool area and bridge in the front part of the property. This installation fit naturally and easily into this outdoor context and gives an aura of exclusivity to this project.

But it’s not only about beautiful, luxurious aesthetics, as the patented product for the outdoor vertical slats combines the advantages of composite wood with the beauty of natural wood. In fact, the long-term suitability of a product is always one of the main defining points we strive to address in any project we execute at Brands International.

In this particular case, the frangisole slats are made of a new generation WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) equipped with an advanced technology protective shield that encapsulates the central core. This core is made up of recycled materials such as hardwood fibers and high-density polyethylene, ensuring extreme resistance to outdoor elements. It also offers supreme protection against stains, mould, rot, cracks, as well as colour and aesthetic deterioration. Apart from this, a major advantage of this product is that it requires no maintenance, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution in the long term.

The decking planks on the outdoor deck as well as along the bridge at the front part of the property are also made of the same shielded WPC material, and they provide an elegant, durable, and maintenance-free solution to this wonderful outdoor space.

Indoors, the same technology is used on the wall cladding module. Capable of providing architectural continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, these wall cladding modules are designed to create seamless wall coverings, even with 90 degree edges. They also provide improved acoustic performance in the rooms where they are placed. These wall coverings can also be used outdoors, providing the same protection as mentioned above.

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