ORAC Decor

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Orac Decor® allows you to bring beautiful, high-quality and long-lasting wall covering design into your home. A strong focus on design and an insatiable hunger for innovation are the driving forces that have made Orac® one of the leading players in the wall and surface decoration sector.  Orac Decor’s range of versatile, water-resistant wall coverings, as well as water-resistant skirting profiles transform bare walls, ceilings and surfaces into eye-catching elevations. The innovation of this product lies in the material used and the versatility and practicality it affords. A large part of the collection is made of high-density polyurethane, that allows fine details, whilst another part is made of an extruded and impact-resistant polymer. A wide range of cornice mouldings, panel mouldings and skirting boards are also available in a flexible polyurethane version allowing to wrap around round walls or arches. All products are paintable, water-resistant, termite-resistant and shock-resistant, and therefore can be used in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms and are suitable for residential as well as commercial applications.

Free your personality

Whoever you are.
Wherever you live.
You are who you are and you want to show it.
In your house, in your environment, in the place you call home.

Find your own style and put your personality in the spotlight.
Magnificently modern or characterfully classic:
with the Orac Decor® collection, you can transform your house into a dream location that bursts with character.
A unique place that says who you are and how you approach life.

But enough about us.
Let’s talk about you.