Cladding Project

Preluna Hotel Cladding Project

The aim of this project was to breathe new life into the interiors of Triton restaurant at Preluna Hotel on the Sliema waterfront, through the use of colour and texture over the existing furnishings.

The concept behind this refurbishment project by Lime Interior Architecture & Design, was to play with varying widths of vertical lines to create added height and dynamic to the space. And indeed, the two types of cladding used – the W108 Zigzag 3D water-resistant panel indoors – and the shielded WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) fluted panel on the outdoor terrace ceiling – add texture and dimension and a modern refreshed look to this well-established restaurant.

W108 ZigZag is one of the Orac Decor 3D wall/surface covering collection, and was used to clad the buffet stations at the breakfast restaurant. These water-resistant panels make a perfect choice for designers as well as home owners in terms of their versatility and the creative freedom they offer. One can design a unique work of art that is unique for that particular interior space. The 3D panels allow you to play around with various shapes and use fun colour accents as a finishing touch, since they are paintable in any colour. The panels are all made from a high-quality, high-density polyurethane that allows fine details, and provides high impact resistance. This makes them a perfect solution for high-traffic commercial areas such as Triton restaurant.

The same concept of lines and texture is extended outdoors on the restaurant terrace ceiling. Here, a shielded WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) ceiling cladding module was used. This patented outdoor cladding product combines the advantages of composite wood with the beauty of natural wood. The cladding panels are equipped with an advanced technology protective shield that encapsulates the central core – this is made up of recycled materials such as hardwood fibers and high-density polyethylene, ensuring extreme resistance to outdoor elements. It also offers supreme protection against stains, mould, rot, cracks, as well as colour and aesthetic deterioration. Apart from this, a major advantage of this product is that it requires no maintenance, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution in the long term.

Interior Design – Lime Interior Architecture & Design

Photography credit – Alan Carville

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