Undoubtedly, home decluttering and organisation can be a rather mundane and paradoxically, stressful process. The reason for this is because it usually comes in different phases and typically needs to be spread over quite a few days – if not weeks! If you’re looking for helpful pointers on how to declutter your home, you’ve come to the right place. So, here’s what you need to know:


Focus on one room at a time

Zero in on a room or a space within, for instance, your kitchen cupboards. While sometimes your home’s craziness makes you wander aimlessly around decluttering a little bit here and there, it’s not as effective as when focusing on one part of a room and finishing it. Have all the spaces in your home sectioned into different parts or areas, that way you will be faced with more doable tasks in the long haul.


The decluttering method

There are a few levels to decluttering, and perhaps you might think of your home as pretty neat, but there’s always the need for some sprucing up. While it’s good to set your own timeline and specific goals, you should declutter your home at your own pace, otherwise you’ll end up giving up no sooner than you would have started. You needn’t take a week off from work to get organised.

If you’d rather do everything at once, go for it. You need to allocate some time to devise a plan on how much time you have and in what order you want to declutter your home. We recommend the following order:

– Storage Spaces
– Shared Spaces
– Personal Spaces

Within a room or space, items (such as socks and appliances) should be tackled first, then storage spaces (like drawers and cabinets) one at a time, and later, shared and personal spaces (such as the coffee table, top of bureau and kitchen or living room shelves).


Find a system

By sorting through and decluttering items first, then concentrating on storage spaces, you’ll find it easier to get rid of junk when you start one room at a time. Start with your desk or work space and then move on to larger spaces. You need to find a system that works best for you. If you’d have started a decluttering system that doesn’t seem to be reaching much headway, try to reboot and start tackling your mission from a different angle. The trick is to reach momentum – once you’ve started you’re automatically motivated to finish that specific task at hand.


Start by decluttering each room

Granted, for each room there are a set of specific instructions on how to tackle each space, but the basics of each zone are the same: get prepared, split spaces into segments and don’t get too attached about holding onto stuff that you don’t want, use or need. Keeping unnecessary objects will only mean items that end up taking up space and gathering unwanted dust.


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