With summer having officially kicked in and the weather as warm as ever, your home’s indoor living space can be extended to the outdoors. No matter the size of your outdoor living space, having comfortable, functional and beautiful furniture is important. That’s why we’ve compiled an essential list of tips for choosing outdoor furniture and accessories in a mindful manner.


1. Take stock of the space

Do you plan to invite a lot of friends to your barbecues or have intimate candlelit dinners? Would you like to have a cosy, shaded alcove where you can chill out? If you have a pool, do you need furniture for a lounging area? Would you like a gathering space around your outdoor fireplace? Think judiciously about how you can designate different zones in the space for different functions.


2. Measure it

Invest some time in measuring the available space. It’s a good idea to take the dimensions with you when you come to our shop to peruse through our wonderful assortment of brands. Additionally, it’s also important to keep scale and proportion in mind, so using oversized pieces will make a small patio appear smaller. Conversely, large patios or decks need substantial pieces of furniture to fill the space.


3. Research styles

Before you start shopping, research what styles you prefer so you can get an idea of what you like. We can then guide you through materials and sizes, to see what suits your vision and personal preferences.


4. Be consistent

Uniformity of style and design is fundamental. Your home’s style, architecture and décor should be mirrored in the outdoor furniture you choose. With thoughtful planning, your outdoor living area can look like a coherent and harmonious extension of your indoor living area.


5. Be sure to consider durability and maintenance

The significance of choosing good quality outdoor furniture is generally underestimated. Many think that because the furnishings are going to be left outdoors, inferior quality pieces would suffice. Not only is this perception untrue, it is the exact opposite. You need to select the most durable furniture that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, especially in a climate like ours, with scorching summer heat! You also need to consider the maintenance requirements of the particular materials chosen.


Here are some of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture:



While requiring upkeep to maintain its quality, regular sanding and sealing will keep wood furniture looking new and will protect it against the elements. Furniture made from dense woods such as teak or eucalyptus hold up better over time.


High Pressure Laminate

One of the most durable decorative surface materials, High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is available with distinct performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance, offering the flexibility and character you need. Special grades of HPL can be post-formed around curved edges by applying heat and restraint.


Powder-coated Steel

Steel outdoor furniture is sturdy and durable and resistant to rust, but will require periodic applications of paint or a weatherproofing finish. Our powder-coated steel furnishings ensure thorough protection and protects against corrosion for many years to come.


Powder-coated Aluminium

Aluminium outdoor furniture is durable, easy to maintain and doesn’t rust. Our aluminium furniture has a powder-coated finish and will stay looking great for a long time.



Furniture pieces made from durable plastics require little to no maintenance. What’s more, they can be easily cleaned with soap and water and never need painting or sealing. Such furniture with fade-resistant colouring is usually the safest and best choice.


Here at Brands International we believe that high-quality outdoor furniture is an investment rather than a luxury. We hope you’ve found this blog insightful and helpful. To view our full range of products, we encourage you to come visit us at our San Gwann showroom, and we can guide you through the best choices, specific for your needs and space.


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