Nothing can spice up outdoor design and improve your standard of living quite like the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Not only will it help your space achieve a sense of harmony and calm, but it also causes the energy to flow in a positive direction, boosting the overall well-being of both you and your guests. Read below for a feg shui guide by Brands International, one of the most reliable supplier of outdoor furniture in Malta.


Utilise Bagua Colour Theory



feng shuiHaving the right blend of different shades and hues is one of the most important principles in Feng Shui; a Bagua is an energy map which incorporates eight different elements (in this case, different colours) which break up monotony and introduce serenity. According to Bagua, reds and pinks ignite feelings of passion in relationships, whereas light browns, greens and yellows represent health and tranquillity.






feng shuiBlue, an immensely popular summer colour, is the most productive and energizing, making it an ideal choice for seating furniture because of its serene feel.









feng shui feng shuiBalance is key when it comes to light arrangement in your outdoor space. Harsh lighting can introduce too much yang (intense, masculine energy) whilst light that is too dim will cause the area to feel dark and dull. Light directed upwards will elevate chi (life-force) and circulate it evenly. Table and floor lamps also provide accent lighting and are a great Feng Shui tactic to brightening stagnant corners. A nice innovation and a practical solution is luminous outdoor furniture, which lights up in itself, offering a pretty glow.


De-Clutter and Re-Furbish



feng shuiClear out any old or unwanted items, along with any dirt and debris – these could block the flow of energy around the area. Natural elements in furniture appeal to yin (quiet, still, feminine energy), so consider pairing wooden tables or chairs with dinnerware and trays made of light oak and bamboo for outdoor meals to keep the theme consistent.




feng shuiWall decor or other accessories such as vases or pots made of stone, concrete or terracotta also adds an earthy, peaceful touch.







Mix and Match Accessories



feng shuiDo not be afraid to mix and match not only colours, but also textures. Choose colours that will tie the rest of your furnishings and accessories together.





feng shuiCandles could also give out a subtle glow to welcome the dimming sunlight as the evenings approach. Tealight holders will allow a soft glimmer to slowly envelop their surroundings, creating an aura of calmness and composure.




Brands International have years of expertise when it comes to outdoor furniture in Malta, and are proud to support brands which supply some of the most elegant and functional accessories for your space outside. BoConcept offers tealight and candleholders, dinnerware and lighting in various materials, whilst umbrellas are available in over 60 shades to accommodate diverse colour schemes and overall styles.

We at Brands International don’t only offer some of the best furniture in Malta, we provide a holistic service tailored to your personality and tastes.

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