They say our personal style and design aesthetic are an extension of who we are. As a leading provider of home and outdoor furniture in Malta, Brands International has compiled a list of outdoor looks you may relate to based on your personality.

1. Whimsical


outdoor looksPerhaps you’re a little Alice in Wonderland? A dreamer who’s playful, creative and not afraid of going against the grain? If so, your outdoor style match may be one of a whimsical nature. While whimsical style cannot be defined by a single aesthetic, it encompasses those designs that evoke a feeling of playfulness, light-heartedness, and fantasy. Colour is a key feature of such furniture pieces, which often boast unique and unexpected elements – just like your personality.


2. Contemporary Chic


outdoor looksNot only are you up to date with the latest trends, you adopt them and make them your own. You choose quality and sophistication in every aspect of your life, which is why your style match is contemporary chic. Chic in interior design often presents itself in the subtle form of arranging the right colours, patterns and furniture in a specific, distinctive order. However, chic is not a stand-alone style of decorating, rather, it comes as a combination of other styles. What all contemporary spaces share is that they feature smooth and clean shapes and stray away from clutter and dark colours.


3. Traditional


outdoor looksPeople describe you as warm, harmonious, and not as keen on modernity and minimalism as many others. Like you, traditional design prides itself on its friendly charm and harmony through its finer details and gold and silver accessorising. Symmetry is also paramount in traditional design, so everything – including sofas, chairs and lamps – typically comes in pairs to create a balanced space around a focal point.


4. Minimalist Scandinavian


outdoor looksWhether you’re Scandinavian, Japanese, or nowhere close, one thing’s for sure: you like to keep things simple. Clutter and ornate detailing make you itch, which is why you and the minimalist Scandinavian outdoor look are a match made in design heaven. The main concept of minimalist design is to strip the unnecessary elements down to its essential quality and achieve simplicity by focusing on what needs to be there. With understated colours and natural materials such as woods – characteristic of this style aesthetic, minimalism often appears simple on the outside, yet a lot of thought goes into the development of such pieces.

5. Urban


outdoor looksDo you consider yourself as more of a modern city person? Have you ever been called a hipster? Urban design is often characterised by artistic design features made of non-traditional materials such as galvanised steel, concrete floors, exposed beams and unpolished surfaces to create a distinct mix of modern, industrial and bohemian. There does, however, exist such a thing as upscale urban, which is more polished and sophisticated.




Whichever of these outdoor looks you gravitate most towards, we have it all at Brands International. Rest assured all our distinct ranges will leave an impact and were specifically designed to withstand the islands’ climate. If you’re looking for stylish outdoor furniture in Malta, pop by our San Gwann showroom and see the top quality brands we support for yourself.

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