Because life has become fast and anyone should enjoy the moment of being enveloped in a comfy bed for the night. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to feeling productive, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and full of energy all day long. The right mattress is of course also paramount to waking up refreshed, ready to face a new day.

Beds have come a long way over the years. Nowadays, where every square metre counts, it has become quite the norm for people to look for storage in bases and headboards, illumination options, side shelving and fully-fledged integrated wardrobes within the bed have also become available.

Here we’ve rounded up a few different types of beds and some unique features that are available.

Beds to read in

There is no greater pleasure for the book worm than to fall asleep with a book, in bed. The Kauffman bed comes with shelves on the sides and at the top, providing ample space to put down your favourite novel and glass of water.

Beds to work in

Because sometimes you have to take work home, but can’t wait to be in the comfort of your own bed.  With the Pars bed, everything is at arm’s length as it comes with adjustable lights, hooks to hold headphones and other gadgets plus adjustable shelving & optional side library. Accompanying nightstands come either with storage or without. The Pars headboard is like wainscoting formed with vertical pieces of different widths, and comes in various finishes, 2 different headboard heights and various panel widths.

Beds to dream in

Softly does it! The current trend in beds is shifting towards a preference for a soft, upholstered bed, reminiscent of a sofa. Headboards are coming in all shapes and sizes and are upholstered in plush velvets, crisp linens and the finest leather; amongst others. Covers can be removable and washable; depending on the design of the bed. Shown here, the Mezzo bed and the Roxy bed.


Beds to store in

The need for storage in every possible nook and cranny has increased drastically. Cleverly designed beds now offer storage options in various forms. A bottom hinged headboard as pictured in the Kauffman bed with concealed storage behind allows you to store throw pillows and extra blankets swiftly at bed time, and retrieve them easily in the morning or at night.

Lift up storage bases such as the Lugano storage bed allow you to store a large amount of clothing & other items under the bed’s slats.  Pistons at the side of the slats will facilitate opening and closing. There are also mechanisms with the option to retrieve items from all sides of the bed.

The Grange bed below holds the one and only patented holding up mechanism, horizontally pivoted which enables complete lifting in one movement

Another clever way of maximising space is utilising the height of a room. The below Palafitta bed takes the idea of a four poster bed and enriches it with new meaning in design. There is a huge storing compartment above the bed with sliding doors and pull-downs, library at the head of the bed and storage drawers underneath.

Storage can also be integrated within various drawers underneath the bed, such as in the Cargo bed below

Probably the ultimate in storage can be found in the Container bed below, which integrates a double bed with a full walk-in closet space underneath the bed

Beds with multiple uses

The below PQ bed is perfect in a children’s bedroom. Available in different upholstery options, it doubles up as sofa for friends to hang around or sleep on and there is a clever storage compartment underneath to store bedding or kids’ toys. Sleep-overs have never been so easy.

Children’s and teenagers’ rooms usually require multi-functional furniture, integrating sleep, lounging and studying. The Xbed below is a revolutionary bed system in terms of technical solutions and its extremely modern and versatile design. The bed can be re-designed in various possible combinations due to the different elements available for the drawers, footboard and headboard, and there are no limits to the personality that can be created through the lacquers, woods and fabrics.

For those who have the occasional guest over, the clever Xtra poufbed by BoConcept transforms from a simple pouf into a single bed in a few minutes and with little effort. The cover is available in many different colours and materials and the mattress protectors come with a zipper for easy removal and washing.

From minimalist to classical

Some like it plush and cosy and others prefer it simple and fuss-free. In today’s day and age, there is a bed to suit everyone’s personality. For those after a clutter-free, clean look, the below ‘slim’ bed appears suspended, as dreams in the air. The thin transparent support of the bed creates a see-through effect. The headboard is comprised of cushions in feather upholstered with leather. Classical and retro beds such as the Jody bed are still very much in demand and will never go out of style. The general characteristics and plus sides of such beds tend to be higher bases, making it easier to get up from and to clean under, have better air circulation and somehow feel more luxurious! On the downside, for those who toss and turn and are prone to falling off the bed, take note; the fall will be higher…

Author: Paula Gauci